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This is a series that encapsulates the emotional hardships that we all came to face through our state of isolation during the pandemic and its lockdowns.

Realised during my own experience while reflecting on the view of the world outside my window, did I start to develop a technique of turning my lockdown room into a giant camera obscura.There, in the quiet darkness split by a sliver of light, I took a self-portrait.The resulting image described faithfully the feelings and strains on my mental health.

From sharing of my self-portrait with my Fine Art Photography class came the realisation that every one of us had a lockdown story to tell.A story of pain, loss and at times the unearthing of strength. Stories and portraits were collected from my students; a group of teenagers who are talking openly about what they have lost through their most formative years.

This project was realised through the support, research and assistance of Achala Wickramaratne; a dedicated partner and collaborator.With special thanks to the head teacher and staff of St Paul’s Steiner School in Islington.

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